For us it’s all about the…

Hopp !

But it wasn’t always that way…

Not long ago we were stuck in a corporate office and slaves to a vending machine full of unhealthy food… it was all about the chocolate, the biscuits, “healthy-but-not-really” bars and worse (and most addictive) of all. Gummy Bears.

The no.1 snack

Sugar crash guaranteed!

Like many people we speak to, we had a case of bad-snacking, the hunger pangs of mid morning and at 4-5pm were doing us no good. Sugar crashes, low energy… and one day our trousers were feeling quite a bit tighter than they used to.

So we Decided to Make Healthy Snacking Great Again!

Portion controlled, nutritionist designed, full-of-goodness super snacks delivered straight to your home or office! Our mission is simple.

“To help you lead a more fulfilling life
through improved health”

A social enterprise:

One of our core values is: Give Back to the Community. We firmly believe that we cannot live our lives isolated from the needs of the wider community and environment. That’s why, since the very beginning we’ve partnered with the Fondation Foyer Handicap. Every Hopp snack is carefully weighed and packed by hand by the outstanding team here in Geneva.

Hoppbox in the press:

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Free snacks guaranteed!

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